These are my engines I picked up over the years. I figured they are too good to be disassembled just for parts, they do require some work. These units are all collectable and some are rare. So I consider these engines "AS IS" because what you see is what you get.


  1. CLINTON Model B702-COD. Serial 101833B. Circa 1950's $30.00. Engine Picture.
  2. CLINTON Model B1102-3. Serial B0008197.  Complete.  Not stuck. Tank drain and sediment bowl broken off.  Circa 1950's.  $30.00.  Engine Picture.
  3. BRIGGS & STRATTON Model 5S.  No Name Plate.  Not Stuck. 1949-1959. $30.00.  Engine Picture.
  4. Maytag Single Cylinder #554069 as is $160.00. Engine Picture.
  5. Tecumseh Model HH100-115095B.  Sears as is complete.  $300.00.
  6. Tecumseh HH100-115003A J.D.  Came off of a John Deere Tractor. Has good CDI, no carb. as is $200.00. Engine Picture.
  7. Tecumseh Model HH120-120173F complete as is $300.00. Engine Picture.
  8. Power Products Model T637. Type 12A.  Serial Number 4707699. Not Stuck. $50.00.  Engine Picture.
  9. Briggs & Stratton Model WMB. Type 95581. Serial Number 1173322.  Once Restored. Tank sucked in. Pedal pad broken (stuck).  Built November 1949.  $75.00.  Engine Picture.
  10. Maytag Single. Serial Number 275795. No Filter. No Inspection Cover. Ignition Loose. No yield Tooth. No breaks. No kill switch or caution plate. Number 34 Champion Plug. Built April 1928. $125.00.  Engine Picture.
  11. Harvey Wells Electronics Audio Frequency Amplifier AM-1451/UNS-1. Stock Number 1790-050140506.  Part Number 90E1021-501. Serial Number 885. Make an Offer.  Engine Picture.
  12. Power Products 1000. $55.00. Engine Picture.


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